Buying a Home


Homes on Golf Course


Buying a home is a big deal.  The financial and emotional stakes are high -- but the rewards can pay dividends for a lifetime.  Plain and simple, owning a home can improve your quality of life, provide stability, and give you a sense of control you just can't get from renting.  You have a place to live when you rent, but buying is something much deeper and better.


A real estate transaction is a complex process involving stacks of paperwork and a number of outside service providers and contractors.  An experienced buyer's agent like me can guide you through the process, answering your questions, and serving as your advocate.  I will help you find the property in in our beautiful Venice area that fits your needs, submit offers and counteroffers, suggest a good property inspector and other professionals, and provide all sorts of relevant advice.  With me as your buyer's agent, you'll have someone on your side, looking out for your interests every step of the way.